On March 11th we will be welcoming to Charlotte a group of 10 Ukrainian Army Chaplain volunteers.  They will be accompanied by an official Ukrainian Army Colonel who is a senior officer of the office of religious organizations and public relations patronage of the Department of Social and Humanitarian Policy of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.  This person is responsible for coordinating church-military relations, finding contacts and resolving multilateral issues regarding church and military cooperation.

The Ukrainian Army Chaplains are arriving to Charlotte via a program called - Chaplain Camp Cornelius (CCC).  Program candidates are carefully selected from a long list of candidates from different Christian (mostly Protestant) denominations and must have spent at least  The purpose of the Chaplain Camp Cornelius program is to provide Ukrainian Army Chaplains with a once in a lifetime opportunity to visit the United States, get a much needed break from the war zone and learn from the US Army Chaplains how to improve their counseling skills and become more effective out in the field.  Additionally, the knowledge that they will acquire - will be used to help officially integrate Chaplain services into the Ukrainian Army.  

We as as Christians are required to spread the Word of God.  God can use you and me to help equip someone with a special calling to disregard the great danger to their own lives and go out to preach and spread the word of God on the front lines. 

"He said to them, "Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation."

Mark 16:15

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