Greetings! My name is Yana Kalachova, mother of Anastasiia Kalachova (16 y.o.). I want to express my gratitude to the GCS organization, to the program “Family to Family” and to all those, who have done an amazing and important work for children. Thank you for the opportunity you give for my daughter to see the world and another life, which is so far from the war actions and war atmosphere.

Special words of thanks I want to say to the American family, and all relatives, who were hosting my daughter in their house. It has been already couple of days since she came back from the trip to USA, but she is still full of emotions. And these emotions are all positive. During 1,5 month being in America she visited many places, saw and tried a lot of new good things. She has been by the Pacific Ocean seaside, even it was far from the place she lived. Because of the cold air, she couldn’t swim, but the fact is – she was there! She has climed Mount Rainier – the highest mountain in the Washington state. She also has visited a Zoo, an aquapark, rollercoasters. The list can be continued.

My daughter brought a lot of things, which she got from American host family and their relatives. It is a jacket, a dress, sneakers and keds, sweets and souvenirs. Also she received a gift – a rug, smile-pillow and a panda toy. It is very valuable for her and remainds of good times.

After she came home, the contact with these great people haven’t break off. We support it with the help of Skype. I hope it will continue.

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