The service of Global Christian Support together with our friends continues to help widows whose husbands were tragically killed during the military operations in the East of Ukraine.


In June 2017, the representatives of the Charity organization "Temple" visited Galina, the widow of Kravtsov Roman Anatolyevich.


Kravtsov Roman Anatolyevich was born on December 26. He was born, grew up and married in Zaporozhye.


At the front, he volunteered as soon as the war began. Roman served as a senior soldier in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. He was an attendant, he served in the 93rd separate mechanized brigade. Co-workers characterized Roman as a sincere patriot and loyal friend.


Before the war, Roman worked as a turner at the factory, very well played the guitar and sang. The widow says that Roman had many friends, he was very cheerful and fervent, the "soul" of the company. "Roma was a wonderful husband and a caring father. He was very fond of his family and his Ukraine! " Galina recalls quietly.


Roman and Galina dreamed of a large and friendly family. A woman brings up two children; Andrei is 14 years old and Rostik is 3 years old. The second child was born after the death of Roman. He has a disability. Rostik is sick a lot and does not talk. Galina is very worried and we promised to pray for the boy.


Galina said that she worked as a lawyer, on maternity leave now. After the death of her husband, the woman became a volunteer, for two years she knitted camouflage nets for soldiers. Galina is very active; she found support in the company of other patriotic women. The woman says she feels she must help others, despite her grief. Galina spoke with great love about her deceased husband, it is clear that she is very sad for him.


Sometimes Galina lives with her mother-in-law, women support each other. My mother-in-law has two sons and they both fought. One of them in Afghanistan and returned alive, another was killed for Ukraine ...


Roman died on August 29, 2014, when he left the encirclement near Illovoisk. Roman was buried in Kushugum at the Kushugum cemetery.


Roman was awarded posthumously "Order of Courage". He was also given the status of "Honorary Citizen" in Zaporozhye.


Galina was very grateful for the attention and food set we brought. We prayed for Galina, her mother-in-law and children, gave them the Gospel, invited them to the church and promised to help them.


We thank our friends from America - the families of Pavenko Sergey and Valentina and Kirichenko Aleksey and Alina for financial assistance for the purchase of grocery sets for widows whose husbands were killed during the military conflict in the East of Ukraine. Thank you for your faithful service and support! May God reward you a hundredfold!


Irina Babak for Global Christian Support

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