The service of Global Christian Support together with our friends continues to help widows whose husbands were tragically killed during the military operations in the East of Ukraine.


In June 2017, we visited the widow Oksana of the deceased Dobrovolsky Sergey Valeryevich with representatives of the Charity organization "Temple".


Dobrovolsky Sergey Valeryevich was born on October 1, in 1984, in Alexandria, Kirovograd region. He studied there. He buried there - it was his will before his death.


Sergey was a sailor, he served in Sevastopol, where he met his future wife Oksana. Later the family moved to the city of Zaporozhye. Sergey served for 6 years in military unit No. 3033, National Guard. He was fond of fishing, a former sailor after all ...


"When the hostilities began, Sergey Valeryevich went straight to the front, he couldn’t do it another way," Oksana told us. The woman did not want her husband to go to war, but still let him go. When he left for the front, Sergey said that he would be brought in a zinc coffin and wanted to be buried in his homeland.


All the time, while we were talking to the widow, she could not hold back tears, and when they started talking about death, she could not speak at all .... Then we understood why ...


Sergei was killed near Illovaisk. Two weeks before his death, he was sent home for a "visit", Sergey spent three days with his family.


Very serious story of Sergeysanitized_by_modx& #39s death and identification. It was a big trauma for the mother and wife with the children, and to every relatives ... This wound is bleeding now!


The guys who served with Sergey, told his family that they were under heavy fire near Illovaisk. Sergey was killed .... After the shelling, only fragments of the body remained after him. Friends who stayed alive, took his body for burial, carried with them in a sack .. Then they got captured .. Later his wife received through the military enlistment office this sack for burial.


Three times his wife and daughter had to do a DNA examination to identify the body ... Latest tests confirmed that this body is Sergey Dobrovolsky. Oksana and did not accept the fact that she has husband no more. She is still waiting for him ...


Sergeysanitized_by_modx& #39s funeral was held by the family only 7 months after his death on March 25, 2015.


Sergey was awarded the Order "For Courage" of the third degree posthumously. He was awarded the title "Honorary Citizen of Zaporozhye".


Daughter Anastasia goes in for dances, wins at competitions and every day waits, that the father will return and will be proud of her.


The family lives modestly, they are trying to make repairs to state fees.


Oksana was very grateful for the grocery set that we brought her, gladly accepted it, it was clear that for them this is a special blessing!


This story really touched us; sometimes it is not possible to find the right words at such moments. We know that our God can comfort and find the key to any wounded heart. We prayed with Oksana. We asked God to comfort Oksana.


We wholeheartedly thank our friends from America - the families of Pavenko Sergey and Valentina and Kirichenko Aleksey and Alina for financial assistance for the purchase of grocery sets for widows whose husbands were killed during the military conflict in the East of Ukraine. Thank you for your faithful service and support!


by Irene Babak

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