The service of Global Christian Support continues to help widows whose husbands were tragically killed during military operations in the East of Ukraine.


In June 2017, the representatives of the Charity organization “Temple” and our service visited the widow Oksana. Her husband, Tretyak Pyotr Anatolyevich (03.08.1972 - 06.08.2014), was buried in the village of Tomakovka, Dnepropetrovsk region, where he came from.


The colleagues of Pyotr Anatolyevich called him "THE HEART" of 55 brigades.


They held a settlement in the area of ​​Dyakovo in completely isolated from the transfer of ammunition environment for two months. After that, a command was given to break through together with other units. On August 6, they moved to the concentration area. They were fired upon by Russian troops. Toward evening, they moved further to the route, where they were once again bombarded. As a result, the unit got off the track and moved to another road. And up for the night they ran into the checkpoint of the separatists of the LNR under the town of Krasniy Luch and took the fight. Defending his comrades, Pyotr Anatolyevich Tretyak died heroically. He was the "heart" of his unit. For him there were not impossible tasks. He instilled confidence by his behavior and attitude to the business not only in his subordinates, but also in his commanders, too.


Rank: Lieutenant Colonel (posthumously). Division: the fifty-fifth separate artillery brigade.


Oksana told us that they have two daughters and a son. She works as a tutor in a kindergarten. It is very difficult for the widow to realize his absence. Only care of children keeps her and does not let her give up.


Pyotr was genuine, kind and responsible, he was able to listen to people, and he was respected by others. The family has always come first. He liked to do everything about the house by himself. Pyotr was the role model for his son. He brought up the girls with tenderness. He went to war with a career military man with 25 years of service experience. Oksana was worried very much, but Peter always found words of encouragement and words of hope for a good outcome of events. There were always many friends in their house. He loved communication and historical literature.


Choosing a profession, the son Andrew decided to continue the family tradition and became a military man. After graduation, he went to serve in the unit where his father fought. After the death of the father, he gave a shoulder to his mother. The youngest daughter is still waiting for Dad. On June 1, on the Childrensanitized_by_modx& #39s Day, she wrote him a letter and sent it to the sky with gel balloons.


                   We are thankful to our friends from America - the family, Pavenko Sergey and Valentina and Kirichenko Alexey and Alina, for financial assistance for the purchase of grocery sets for widows whose husbands were killed during the military conflict in the East of Ukraine. Thank you for your faithful service and support!


by Anastasia Tokmack

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