This week, representatives of the ministry Global Christian Support together with the pastor of church “The living God”  Gennady Kaplunov, went to visit the widows in Vyshgorod district of Kyiv region.

The first family we’ve visited, was the family of the deceased Blagovisny Vitaly Pavlovich. His widow, Larissa, and two daughters, twins, Lisa and Lina are 17 years old, they live in more than a modest house. Entering the courtyard, it became clear that the family is living in poverty and in need of help. We met one of the girls - Lisa, she told us the story of their family, which made us cry with her, but it was later. Lisa was very thankful for visiting their family and for food assistance that we brought.  

There was a black dog running on the yard. It was very thin, but at the same time energetic  and happy to meet new people.  Lisa told us that her father  brought the dog when it was still a puppy. Her dad worked as a captain on a fishing boat in the Kiev reservoir.  "Dad was a very generous and kind man, he was known by many in our small village, he had always distribute fish to our neighbors," - girl says.

We previously called up with Larissa and planned time when we should  arrive. But when we arrive, it turned out that she was not at home. Lisa with tears in her eyes began to share with us about their difficult situation. Their family lived in Kherson, and later in Kiev, thatsanitized_by_modx& #39s when her mother was diagnosed with cancer. it was decided to sell all of their property in order to cure mother. Thatsanitized_by_modx& #39s how they ended up in a small village, Kyiv region. The modest house where they live now, does not belong to them, they take it. There are no toilet or shower, women had to do everything by own hands. Last summer girls worked as waiters in a café. They thought it would do something to help raise money for the treatment of their mother.

Vitaly was very cheerful and optimistic person. Thanks to his energy,  his family believed that everything would be fine. His friends often whispered – if with someone happens a trouble, it exactly won’t be with Vitaly.  But, unfortunately, in November 14, 2015, he was killed by a mortar attack during demining work near the Avdeevka city (Donetsk region) in the field between the position of Ukrainian “Butovka” and the position of the enemy “Zenit”.  Vitaly died on his birthday. He served as a staff sergeant in the office sapper in the ninety-third separate mechanized brigade.

We have noticed that the most prominent place in the house is organized corner of Vitaly, where his portrait was placed, certificate of honor, and a big military bag with his uniform. “On the day of the dad’s death he was 41 years old, and in the morning my mother called to congratulate him, and I was there and I thought  that I would call him in the evening and congratulate…but I was late” – remembering it, Lisa restrained tears. The girl also said that after dad’s death on her and her sister’s skin began to appear strange spots, and the doctors said that it is the initial stage of psoriasis… But nothing scary, bad is that mother feel worse… and then Lisa started to cry… “You know, I pray that God would not take her, because what my sister and me do if mother die? We don’t have anyone else… Mother doesn’t sleep at night, and so do I. Now I lie next to her on the couch and pray all night, listening to her sighs…if something happens, I’ll be there”.  Crying, Lisa told us that now her mother went to the hospital and she needs emergemcy surgery. Cost of operation is $2000 and it is a huge number for their family.

In this story, there are some positive aspects, which show that the Lord does not leave this family: the girls began to seek the Lord. In March 6, 2016 Lisa was baptized, as well as Godsanitized_by_modx& #39s miracle was the small apartment in the Kiev region, where  they plan to move.

We prayed together for their family and we ask all those touched by this history, to pray for the healing of Larissa and girls.

All famiies  and we thank our friends from America: Pavenko  and Kirichenko families, who finance the purchase of food packages for the widows of fallen soldiers. May God bless you!

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