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Yuliya Dudinova
11 Mar, 2019 04:30

Донецкая область


Help addicted people

We help people who have fallen into difficult conditions or dependence. We provide housing and spiritual and psychological support. The New Generation Church is Pastor Vladimir Popov of the city of Rodinskoye, with the support of the NGO “Gener..

Yuliya Dudinova
07 Jun, 2018 19:21

Киевская область


Repair of computer equipment

  I render services for diagnosing and repairing personal computers and laptops in the city of Kiev and the suburbs to individuals (individuals) and legal entities (companies) with visits to offices, private houses and apartments. I work 6 days..

Yuliya Dudinova
02 May, 2018 06:45

Сумская область


The house is free of charge

Peace be upon you, dear Christians!   For several years now, the house of my parents is empty! The house is under a capital repair, or for demolition and a place to build a new one.   The territory is large, next to the house there..

Yuliya Dudinova
20 Feb, 2018 09:06

Днепровская область


Looking for an Executive Director

The charitable organization "Charity Fund" The Mutual Aid Center "Save Ukraine" is looking for an executive director.   About us: The Mutual Assistance Center "Save Ukraine" provides assistance to the needy popul..

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Yuliya Dudinova
25 Jan, 2018 09:26

Днепровская область


Create a flow of new customers

We are looking for Christians entrepreneurs who are engaged in small and medium-sized businesses. We want to talk about you to recommend your business to people. Our task is to help entrepreneurs to grow.   A small team of like-minded people h..

Yuliya Dudinova
27 Dec, 2017 12:43

Днепровская область


The Holy Bible

Hello everybody! If you just googled, "How to Get a Free Bible Without Stealing One From a Hotel Room," you are on the right track. There is a way to get it free. Typically, the United States Bible Society promises to send a Bib..

Юлия Дудинова
27 Dec, 2017 11:21

Днепровская область


We are Looking for Journalists

The GCS ministry invites volunteers to join our team. If  - You like to write; - You write easily and competently; - you want to develop in journalism and become part of the team ... We are waiting for you!   Write your proposals on ..

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