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02 Sept, 2019 12:41

Memories that will live in child’s heart forever!

Memories and impressions that will live in child’s heart forever! Sincere thanks to the entire “Global Christian Support” team and the staff of the Youth health and Summer resort of Red Cross Slovenia Debeli rtič. We have only plea..

30 Aug, 2019 13:50

Christian Kid❜s Camp “Be a winner!”

The charitable organization Global Christian Support in association with the church “Vozrozhdenie” in Lubny organized Christian Kid

28 Aug, 2019 20:42

Summer Camp in the Czech Republic for children from the war zone

In August 18 to 26 the “Global Christian Support” organization jointly with the International Evangelical Church "Istochnik" organized a Christian camp in Karlovy Vary (the Czech Republic) for a group of children from the war zone on the ..

12 Aug, 2019 12:07

Norwegian police drop criminal case against US family

An American mother whose children were taken from her and her husband by Norwegian child services earlier this year says although a criminal charge for alleged "child mistreatment" has been dismissed, CPS is still refusing to return their c..

09 Aug, 2019 11:43


Greetings to all the staff of “Family to Family” Program! On behalf of our entire family, we want to thank your program, as well as the family of Mikhail and Olga Gorbun, their parents and relatives for the wonderful, blessed vacation of ..

08 Aug, 2019 11:03

Summer Camp in Norway

Dear organizers of «Family to Family» program, we have a large family from the Luhansk region, and this summer our son Andrei was invited to a Christian camp in Norway. For our son, it was an unforgettable trip, a wonderful time and a bri..

07 Aug, 2019 13:17

Thank you for the camp in Norway!

I am very grateful to the whole team of the program "Family to Family" for the opportunity to rehabilitate and recreate, for the psychological support to the children who suffered from the horror of the war, thanks for the fellowship, the l..

16 Jul, 2019 11:15

“Family to Family”. From Ukraine to Norway

Our son had the opportunity to live in the atmosphere of kindness, care and attention with wonderful people from the organization "Family to Family." Mihail and other children from the East of Ukraine visited Norway. My son had unforgettab..

16 Jul, 2019 10:18

This trip changed life of my daughter forever

Dear organizers of the trip "Family to Family", The family of Liza Isaeva is writing to you. The whole our family wants to thank all of you and especially the wonderful family of Michael and Olga from Lincoln for all that you have done for..

15 Jul, 2019 15:36

A Light In The Darkness

Against a backdrop of shelling and skirmishes, Ukrainian Christians are risking their lives to distribute supplies and resources, sometimes going directly to the front lines. While many fled as conflict grew, these are some of the faithful who remain..

15 Jul, 2019 14:58

Diary of the children from the war zone stay in Norway

More than 1,300 children from the ATO zone have already undergone social rehabilitation in different countries as part of the “Family to Family” program. 10 days the group from the war zone rested in the children..

15 Jul, 2019 10:10

Amazing trip to Norway!

My daughter Masha grew up early, she learned what war is. It is difficullt for an adult, and what to speak about a child ... "Family to Family" program organized a trip to Norway for 30 children from Donbass and on June 8 an unforgetta..

12 Jul, 2019 12:22

A Scandinavian fairy tale

Thanks to the program "Family to Family" summer 2019 became a "Scandinavian fairy tale" for my daughter. It was a fairy tale trip to Norway, where children visited interesting places of the country and met the most wonderful peopl..

12 Jul, 2019 12:10

«Family to Family» - a cure for wounded children«s souls

We are a family who lives in a war zone. Every family that has decided to stay at home, close to the front line has its own reasons. We all believe and hope that this horror ends very soon. However, childhood of our sons and daughters passes in such ..

08 Jul, 2019 23:01

Christian Family Takes Norway «Child Welfare» Agency To Court

The European Court of Human Rights has agreed to hear the case of a Romanian-Norwegian Christian family that fled Norway after their five children, including a three-month-old baby, were taken from their parents in 2015 by Barnevernet, the Norwegian ..

01 Jul, 2019 08:29

Camp in Norway

For the ninth day, children from Ukraine are undergoing rehabilitation in a children

27 Jun, 2019 06:53

Protestants driven underground in Donbas republics

It was five years on 8 June since the abduction and murder of four members of an Evangelical Church in occupied Sloviansk. Although the methods have changed since 2014, the basic policy of terror and persecution in the so-called ”Donetsk and Lu..

10 Jun, 2019 08:46

National Prayer Day for Ukraine: For Peace, Unity and Future!

Millions of Ukrainian Christians on June 8 united in a common prayer for peace in the country, unity, spiritual rebirth and a bright future. On this day, the Christians of Ukraine prayed for strengthening the institution of the family, for bringing U..

05 Jun, 2019 12:15

Relatives found the missing daughter, thanks to the shelter

This is the case when a person was wanted for two years and her relatives found her thanks to a shelter for homeless people.   Olga Vladimirovna Kovalyshena came to our shelter on November 15, 2017. This girl had a lot to go through. Olga live..

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