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05 Aug, 2021 13:16

Christian persecution watchdog fears police orders to surveil Christians activities will increase attacks on believers

As Christian persecution continues to rise in India, all police stations in one district have been ordered to keep surveillance on Christians and report on any "conversion” activities. A U.S.-based persecution watchdog group now fears that..

04 Aug, 2021 14:55

Spiritual film «Nine Days» seeks to highlight beauty, value of life: Director Edsen Oda

Japanese-Brazilian filmmaker Edson Oda believes life is a beautiful and precious gift that is all-too-often taken for granted. It was this belief, coupled with some big questions surrounding eternal issues, spirituality and the human condition that p..

03 Aug, 2021 19:49

В Фейсбук появилась кнопка «помолиться»

Кнопка "помолиться" в Фейсбуке уже активна в США, но скоро появится в Украине.   В США ввели новую опцию для пользователей, которая позволяет верующим молиться в Фейсбук. Но это вместе с тем будет использоваться для настройки рекламн..

03 Aug, 2021 11:55

Hillsong says BBC documentary is “grossly out of context”

  Hillsong Church says a newly released BBC documentary about the church that involved two years of filming at its locations on three continents is "grossly out of context" and refutes accusations made by former members about its cult..

02 Aug, 2021 12:11

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg hopes churches will one day host virtual reality services on platform

Calling faith communities the “best of Facebook,” the social media giant s Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg said she is looking forward to the day when churches and other religious groups begin hosting services in virtual..

30 Jul, 2021 13:25

Chinese Christians Banned from Providing Relief to Flood Victims

The recent deadly floods in central China’s Henan province have taken away dozens of lives and caused immense damage to several cities, yet the officials in Xinxiang City are banning Christians from providing much needed aid.   Accordin..

29 Jul, 2021 12:23

Father builds exoskeleton to help wheelchair-bound son walk

«Robot, stand up" - Oscar Constanza, 16, gives the order and slowly but surely a large frame strapped to his body lifts him up and he starts walking.     Fastened to his shoulders, chest, waist, knees and feet, the exoske..

28 Jul, 2021 16:24

Facebook decided faith groups are good for business. Now, it wants your prayers

July 22 (Reuters) - Facebook (FB.O) has long sought your attention. In recent weeks, it has started asking for your prayers as well in a new tool now available for U.S. Facebook Groups.     The prayer feature is part of Faceboo..

27 Jul, 2021 11:38

Billy Graham‘s grandson shares Gospel with hospital staff while battling COVID in ICU

Grandson of the late evangelist Billy Graham Jonathan Lotz is currently in critical condition battling COVID-19, but he continues to share the good news of Jesus Christ while in the hospital.      Anne Graham Lotz, Billy Graham s&nbs..

26 Jul, 2021 12:10

North Korean authorities complicit in torture, murder and slavery; report warns of likely «genocide»

An inquiry by the United Kingdom s All-Party Parliamentary Group on North Korea has found that officials working with dictator Kim Jong Un have committed murder, torture, modern-day slavery and religious persecution, all of which amount to crime..

23 Jul, 2021 13:03

Archaeologists have found a section of the Jerusalem wall during the First Temple

Israeli archaeologists have discovered a "lost" section of the walls of Jerusalem, built during the time of the First Temple.   "Archaeological excavations carried out by the Israel Antiquities Authority in the City of David Na..

22 Jul, 2021 12:48

Next «God’s Not Dead» movie to focus on freedom of speech, religious liberties

"God s Not Dead: We the People," the fourth installment of the popular franchise, will be released this fall.      The film is a reflection of recent years headlines regarding the threats to &..

21 Jul, 2021 12:47

South African churches pray “for peace and calm” as the country recovers from mass unrest

The imprisonment of South Africa s former president, Jacob Zuma, has sparked a wave of unrest in the country that some local analysts recall as the largest since the apartheid era.   Authorities have confirmed at least 212 people de..

20 Jul, 2021 12:15

TobyMac, Amy Grant, Lauren Daigle Featured in New Film, ‘The Jesus Music’

TobyMac, Amy Grant, Steven Curtis Chapman, Lauren Daigle, for KING & COUNTRY, Kirk Franklin, Michael W. Smith, and many others will be featured in the new documentary film tracing the roots of contemporary Christian music (CCM).     ..

19 Jul, 2021 12:51

The duty of parents in education

As the nation emerges from the set of political, health, and economic crises it has wrestled with over the past year, and as children head back to school in the fall, a battle is heating up: the fight for America s schools.   Recognizing..

16 Jul, 2021 19:18

Самые эффективные методы для восстановления нервной и мышечной систем

Здоровая нервная система - это залог хорошего самочувствия и отсутствия болезней. Постоянные стрессы, усталость, напряжение негативно отражаются на здоровье всего организма. Врачи лечебно-оздоровительного центра "Наш Дом" рассказали, как лу..

16 Jul, 2021 12:07

«Not one-size-fits-all»: Promise Keepers conference to help men in their struggles with loneliness

Thousands are expected to assemble for the Christian men s ministry Promise Keepers annual conference next week for a gathering that will emphasize the building of healthy marriages and relationships.    Held at AT&T Stadiu..

15 Jul, 2021 13:29

China’s Latest Ban of Christian Content on Social Media

In a recent crackdown on online Christian content, the Chinese government banned the WeChat accounts belonging to many registered churches.     WeChat is a popular social media in China that many churches utilize. The accounts that The g..

14 Jul, 2021 15:16

Rise of the «nones,» decline of «white Christian America» slows in US, new survey shows

A new survey reveals that the share of Americans who identify as religiously unaffiliated has declined slightly. However, more Americans still describe themselves as religiously unaffiliated than affiliate with any particular religious tradition.&nbs..

13 Jul, 2021 11:56

Prison Fellowship partners with Moody Bible Institute to give daily devotionals to 100K inmates

America s largest evangelical prison ministry organization, Prison Fellowship, recently partnered with Chicago s Moody Bible Institute to create new daily devotionals to be distributed to over 100,000 inmates across the United States. &nb..

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