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09 Apr, 2021 16:27

A third of Covid-19 survivors suffer from brain disease, study shows

As many as one in three people infected with Covid-19 have longer term mental health or neurological symptoms, researchers reported Tuesday.     They found 34% of Covid-19 survivors received a diagnosis for a neurological or ps..

08 Apr, 2021 15:43

Justin Bieber prays over his fans in new gospel EP

Pop star and Christian Justin Bieber released his debut gospel EP over the Easter weekend.      Freedom was released on Easter Sunday, the holiest day in the Christian calendar when Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesu..

07 Apr, 2021 11:01

Scottish Parliament thanks churches on its service during the pandemic

The Parliament debated a report about how the church supported the needy during lockdown. “We acknowledge and thank them for their selflessness, compassion and tireless work”, MPs say.      The Scottish Parliam..

06 Apr, 2021 11:53

Hundreds of churches join project to integrate Hong Kong migrants

A website aims to help the 130,000 Hong Kongers expected to arrive in the UK this year to get settled. They see it as an “opportunity for the church to show Jesus hospitality”.     The situation in Hong Kong ha..

05 Apr, 2021 10:35

I only «half-believed in the resurrection» until I had cancer

Tim Keller says he lived "in denial" about death and only "half-believed in the resurrection" until cancer forced him to re-examine his faith. The bestselling author and pastor was diagnosed with cancer for the second time last y..

02 Apr, 2021 17:47

Oregon lawmakers approve bill to turn hotels and motels into shelters

Oregon state lawmakers approved a measure on Wednesday that embodies the times we are living in: The bill would ease the ability to convert hotels and motels — pummeled by the coronavirus pandemic — into long-term affordable housing for p..

01 Apr, 2021 12:06

Couple adopts 7 siblings in foster care after parents die in car crash

“I can not explain it — I just knew I was supposed to be their mom.”   Pam Willis was scrolling through her Facebook feed in 2019 when she landed on a news story about seven siblings in need of a permanent home. &..

31 Mar, 2021 10:29

War Child: meet the boy, born as the Syrian conflict began

Michel has just celebrated his 10th birthday. As his mother was giving birth, something else was happening around them: the first anti-government protests which ultimately became the Syrian civil conflict. Michel is truly a child of the Syrian war; i..

30 Mar, 2021 09:56

Prime Minister thanks Christians for selfless stoicism during pandemic

Spring Harvest Home 2021 will be taking place online for a second year in a row.   Boris Johnson has said a "great big thank you" to Christians for the way in which they have served their communities throughout the pandemic.  ..

29 Mar, 2021 07:46

What Christian researchers say about vaccines

The Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine debate has disrupted European vaccination plans. Spanish evangelical scientists ask to remain calm and be rigorous.       Several European countries have started to administer Oxford/AstraZeneca Co..

26 Mar, 2021 13:17

Give a doorstep gift this Easter

Imagine this Easter if Christians gave generous gifts that pointed to the difference Easter can make in in our lives.     A letterbox gift does exactly what it says on the tin – it’s a gift that can be posted through the lett..

25 Mar, 2021 13:18

‘Minari’: How faith makes a difference in the integration of foreigner

The story is based on the directorsanitized_by_modx& #39s childhood memories of his Christian Korean-American family in Arkansas during the 1980s. “I hope it offers some kind of hope after everything that’s happened this year”, says..

24 Mar, 2021 15:06

Where morality come from now?

“Many atheists are beginning to see that their loud, aggressive attitude is not working”, says Mathematics Prof. John Lennox in an interview with Evangelical Focus. “We need to spend time to get to know Scripture at beyond a ki..

23 Mar, 2021 14:32

Is Christianity shrinking or shifting?

  One of the major religion-related news headlines today revolves around the decline of Christianity in North America. Western Europe is now considered post-Christian and surveys consistently report declines in religious belief, attendance, and..

22 Mar, 2021 17:15

Vatican Video about Migrants Awarded at the Festival

 The author of the 3.5-minute video "Migrants and Refugees", published in 30 languages, is the Department of Service for Integral Human Development.  The main message of the social video was the words of Pope Francis, addressed to..

19 Mar, 2021 10:49

Scrolls with biblical texts found in Dead Sea caves

For the first time in 60 years, scrolls with biblical texts have been found in the caves of the Dead Sea. The scrolls found are Greek translations of the books of Zechariah and Naum from the Book of the Twelve Minor Prophets. Israeli archaeologists h..

18 Mar, 2021 11:45

Political dispute in Stuttgart over Bible verses advertised on trains

An evangelistic association has been sharing Christian content through paid adverts since the 70s, but some parties now say religious content offends users of public transport. Christian organisations which buy advertising spots to post Bible verses ..

17 Mar, 2021 11:15

World Vision reaches 59 million with aid as charity’s COVID-19

As more than a year has passed since the coronavirus pandemic was declared, leading evangelical aid organization World Vision partnered with tens of thousands of faith leaders and communities worldwide to reach 59 million people through relief and vi..

16 Mar, 2021 10:36

Kanye West wins one of the Christian nomination on Grammy ceremony

On March 14, the US National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences

15 Mar, 2021 11:07

Evangelicals mobilise to help in Bata after explosion

Evangelical churches and entities have begun to aid assisting victims on the ground and sending donations. After an explosion at a military base in Bata killed over 100 people and left more than 600 injured, local evangelical churches have begun to m..

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