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13 Nov, 2019 14:22

Camp in Norway

Hello everyone who will read this small testimony about the project “Family to Family”. My name is Sergey, I will speak from whole our family. My wife Valeria and I have three children: our eldest daughter, Evelina (11 years old) and two..

03 Nov, 2019 18:25

Kanye West spreads gospel through Sunday Service at Baton Rouge church

After a last-minute announcement on Friday, thousands of people gathered to worship with Kanye West in Baton Rouge, Louisilouiana. With no stage, lights, or fancy audio equipment, Jonathan Stockstill, the pastor of Bethany Church, introduced the rapp..

01 Nov, 2019 10:29

Great thanks to «Family to Family» project organizers

My name is Oksana Kovalevskayia, I want to express my gratitude to your friendly team, to the organizers of the project "Family to Family" and the program coordinator Irina Babak. You are doing a good deed, God will reward you for your work..

16 Oct, 2019 08:53

Ex-drug addict baptized at church he vandalized 6 months earlier

Churchgoers were left praising God after a former drug addict was baptized at a church he broke into and vandalized just six months earlier.   Brenton Winn, 23, caused $100,000 worth of property damage at Central Baptist Church in Conway, Arka..

11 Oct, 2019 11:21

“Family to Family”: Thank you with all our heart!

How great to realize that dreams can come true. My husband and I dreamed to have a large family with many children. But due to my health, the Lord gave us two wonderful daughters. The eldest daughter got married, we already have two wonderful grandda..

10 Oct, 2019 10:03

This judge came under fire for a hug and a Bible

Tammy Kemp knew she had feel the glare of the national spotlight when she presided over the Amber Guyger trial. What she did not expect was the backlash that followed.   It hass been six days since Guyger, a former Dallas police officer, ..

07 Oct, 2019 10:03

A real miracle for our children!

Good day! We are the Goshko family from Slaviansk, Donetsk region. We live in the frontline zone. This summer a real miracle happened in the lives of our children. Our family could not even dream of such a thing! We have accepted this as the Blessin..

04 Oct, 2019 13:40

“Family to Family”: Children's dreams come true!

This story is not about Santa Claus, who makes children’s dreams come true ... It is about REAL DEEDS THAT GOD DOES THROUGH THE “FAMILY TO FAMILY” PROGRAM! This year our family did not plan to go somewhere on vacation, and moreover..

03 Oct, 2019 14:05

Great thanks for my happy child!

This year in August, our daughter Anastasiia Kravchuk was invited to a camp in Slovenia. Nastya came back very happy with many impressions. A month ago she was sad and worried about her father, because he is in the war zone now, but after psychologic..

03 Oct, 2019 13:04

Serving the widows: Support for the families in need

Last week with the support of our friends from the USA, the Global Christian Support ministry and our volunteer Yuliia Khoroshailo visited and provided financial assistance to widow Tatiana Danilenko, whose husband died of a tumor this year. Danilen..

03 Oct, 2019 12:18

The best camp ever!

Hello, my name is Elena Kravchenko, our family is from Slavyansk, Donetsk region. This summer in August, my daughter Veronika Kravchenko went on vacation to a health center on the Adriatic sea, which is located in Ankaran, Slovenia. I want to express..

03 Oct, 2019 11:50

Unforgettable camp in Slovenia

I want to thank with all my heart all the organizers, especially, the Slovenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as well as Global Christian Support team who made a summer camp for our children in Slovenia and gave my children Savenko Volodymyr and Mykha..

03 Oct, 2019 09:11

Urgent house repair for a family from a war zone

There are mother Aleksandra and two children in the Rybin family: a boy of 10 years and a girl of 4 years. They live in Shabelkovka village, near the city of Kramatorsk, Donetsk region. The children do not have father. Aleksandra is a single mother. ..

02 Oct, 2019 18:28

Mission Trip to Moldova

Global Christian Support sports team from Ukraine in association with the “Light to the World” Church from Bălți, organized a mission trip to the Republic of Moldova.   The missionary team has many years of experience in organizing..

01 Oct, 2019 21:40

Homeless woman viral opera performance may get her off the streets

Her piercing soprano ricocheted off the subway

01 Oct, 2019 10:46

Thank you so much for amazing vacations in Slovenia

It is very important to know that there are people, who are ready to support and help in our difficult time though they live in another country. I’m Ulezkova Liudmyla, a widow and mother of 3 children. My youngest son Mykyta spent wonderful da..

24 Sept, 2019 15:22

May the Lord bless you!!!

I am very grateful to your project for the happiness of my daughter! Thank you for your kind and open hearts, for inviting us to this wonderful place. My daughter, Lynnyk Kristina, is very happy about being invited to the camp in Slovenia, she forgot..

23 Sept, 2019 19:25

“100% of Arabica and 0% of Indifference” is a new project in Ukraine

During the summer conference of “Help to Survive” program leaders, the participants were presented a tool to support local ministries – good deed coffee “Rocking Horse”. The uniqueness of this project lies in the fact th..

18 Sept, 2019 11:18

International missions leaders designate 2020 as “Year of the Bible”

Missionary leaders from over 34 countries convened at the Museum of the Bible on Monday morning to launch A.D. 2020 Global Year of the Bible, a first-of-its-kind evangelical initiative endorsed by Roman Catholic Pope Francis.    The ..

16 Sept, 2019 12:53

Great thanks with all my heart!

I want to thank everyone who helps our children in such difficult period, gives love to them. I am very grateful for this project, for the great opportunity to my son to visit Slovenia and enjoy every moment. I’m Khoroshailo Dima’s mother..

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