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Program of social rehabilitation “Family to Family”

The purpose of the program is assistance for families, who are living or have left the war zone, in adaptation to new life conditions. War actions in Donetsk and Lugansk region today have become the biggest and the most acute problem in Ukraine. Unfortunately, many children were unwilling witnesses of the terrible events that will forever leave a mark in their memory. This program is a practical assistance for families-refugees and for those, who can not leave the war zone. We give…


Humanitarian program “Help to survive”

The purpose of the Program is to help poor, socially unprotected people, including immigrants, refugees from the war zone. Our volunteers regularly collect and send containers with humanitarian aid for distribution among orphanages, churches, rehabilitation centers and missions. We are also engaged in the organization of collection humanitarian aid in different…


Evangelization project “Faith by hearing”

Through a partnership with the mission “InTouch”, we monthly send hundreds of mp3 players on solar batteries absolutely for free. Each player includes the full text of the New Testament and the course "Fundamentals of Christian life". We transfer players to churches and ministries, working with the blind, poor-sighted and seriously ill people. Also we send the players to volunteers and chaplains, who are in hospitals or in the war…


International education for orphans "INTERNATIONAL ORPHANS SCHOLARSHIP (IOS)"

IOS provides orphans the ability to receive a quality education in Europe and the United States. During the study, children acquire a high level of knowledge of foreign languages, which makes them experts on international level. Received education will help them to find a decent job in the future and will be a good basis for their adult life. During the training period, all children live in families, it promotes their full and proper…


Informational project for evangelization “Good Technology”

The project is training. Our goal is to find and implement 52 different ways of help, which will give us an opportunity to talk with people about Christ. We believe that these simple examples will be able to see the potential of virtue in people and will help each church to bring the light of good works in their region. Our methods already have been implemented in Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, Mexico and the United…


Program for financial assistance GCSHelp (in developing)

The program is designed for the users of this web-site, who need urgent financial support. To participate, you need to: - Be a registered user - Have a reputation on the site at least 20 - Fill in all required fields in your personal information - Publish your need and specify the required amount Finances for assistance funds generated from our advertising partners. The foundations for their distribution are the views of promotional videos and transitions on banners. Available amount to…


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