National Prayer Day for Ukraine: For Peace, Unity and Future!

National Prayer Day for Ukraine: For Peace, Unity and Future!
10 Jun, 2019
World news

Millions of Ukrainian Christians on June 8 united in a common prayer for peace in the country, unity, spiritual rebirth and a bright future. On this day, the Christians of Ukraine prayed for strengthening the institution of the family, for bringing Ukraine out of the economic and political crisis, for prosperity and well-being, for stopping military aggression, for children and youth of the country, for unity and many other pressing needs.


For the fourth year in a row, thousands of Christians gather under the roof of the Moscow Sports Palace to pray together for Ukraine. On the National Day of Prayer, believers of various churches and religious organizations also pray in other cities of Ukraine.

The National Day of Prayer was founded by a British preacher and patron of the arts David Hathaway: “47 years ago I was arrested in Ukraine and I was thrown into one of your prisons,” said David Hathaway during the event. “Then God gave me a vision that I would get out of prison and praise God along with thousands of Ukrainians.” And today we are here to pray God to heal Ukraine. What God does in this country will be evidence of God`s power to other nations. ”


At the prayer event itself, almost all Christian denominations united - in the whole world there is not a single analogue of such an event.


The archbishop of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine, Evstratiy, noted that “over the past 5 years, opponents have tried to incite national and religious hatred in the country. But we are the only Ukrainian people, and we will not allow to divide us according to some signs. Ukraine is our common home. All that we have is thanks to Godsanitized_by_modx& #39s blessing. ”


President of the Ukrainian Biblical Society Gregory Komendant emphasized the importance of the Word of God in the life of the Ukrainian people. He appealed to the newly elected President of Ukraine with a request to issue another decree: “You have entered many good decrees, but issue a decree so that people read the Bible. After all, blessed is he who reads, hears and performs the Scriptures.


The appeal of the senior bishop and pastor of the “Salvation” churches Philip Savochka came to the churches of Ukraine: “The Church is salt. This is the conscience of Ukraine and its pointer. Therefore, the church must first of all repent for itself - for strife, to be clean and holy.”

That evening they prayed for wise politicians, for prosperity in the country, and for clearing Ukraine of corruption, criminalization, kleptocracy, oligarchy; for the unity of believers; for children, teenagers and youth ...


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