Olga Westfall Is A Chaplain In The US, Appealed To The Ukrainians

Olga Westfall Is A Chaplain In The US, Appealed To The Ukrainians
09 Oct, 2017
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With words of support and inspiration to the Ukrainian people, Olga Westfall from Dnieper, who served as a chaplain in the regular US Army, in the regular US Air Force, turned to the Atlanta VAMC (Veterans Administration Medical Center ). She also supports Ukrainian chaplains, cooperating with the project "International Chaplain Camps".


We give the full text of her appeal, which she published on her Facebook page.

"I was born in the late 1960s in Dnieper, Ukraine, where I lived most of my life. There I came to the Christian Evangelical faith (not religion!) Having experienced before a lot of suffering, loss, poverty, grief, becoming a round orphan at age 19, I had faith as a child, I really wanted God to use me in His ministry. I did not imagine that I would learn English to the level of an interpreter, without money and aquaintances. I would get to the American University where I would get two Master`s: 1. Theology - Master of Divinity; 2.Counseling - Human Services Counseling. I did not imagine that I would marry a veteran with 22 years experience of the US Navy with whom we will have three children. Two of them we adopted from Ukraine (Sevastopol - Ukraine !!!). Then I will become a chaplain in the regular US Army, then in the regular Air Force (US Air Force), now in the Air Force reserve and working full time as a chaplain at Atlanta VAMC (Veterans Administration Medical Center), the largest hospital for US veterans of Georgia.


If someone else told me 20 years ago that I would have such an interesting fate, I would not believe it and just laughed. How can it be that a girl from the former Ukrainian SSR conduct military personnel and veterans of America to God? !!! But everything is possible to God!

I`m not special, I just trust God in everything. It is not easy to do this, but in His Word, the Bible, God did not promise us a life without problems. On the contrary, He said that we will go through "fire" and "water," but to all who rely on Him, He guaranteed His presence and help (Isaiah 43: 2).


I want to appeal to my countrymen - Ukrainians: NEVER GIVE UP! Remember: we are strong, hardworking and good nation, we value freedom, justice and love the world when they do not attack us and do not take anything away. We do not take someone else`s, but we will not give up ours!


If someone of you has moments of desperation, hopelessness, depression, a dead-end sense of despair leading to thoughts of suicide, renounce these thoughts! I understand you, because once when I was young I thought about suicide and even had a plan. Thank God before I fulfilled it, I went to the ministry in the Evangelical church, came to the Christian faith and in prayer, giving up my life to God, refused to commit suicide.

Imagine where I work now... in one of the largest veteran hospitals in the US, in the psychiatric department, where we get veterans with different problems, including suicidal ones. I understand them, as it was once "there", where they are, but God changed my life. He can change your life, but first you have to trust Him. Until you open the door of the heart, HE will not enter by force. Believe me, I`m not better than any of you. God accepts and forgives everyone who turns to Him.


I write to you countrymen about this, as I understand that you are living in constant stress for the fourth year, when in the spring of 2014 the Russian Federation introduced its troops to the Crimea. They put up a 50,000-thousand army on the border with Ukraine, began sending to Ukraine "green men "-terrorists / bandits, weapons, the military, having managed to shake a part of Donbass, conducting a dastardly hybrid war because of it so many good men were gone, millions of destinies were broken.


I am angry with the enemy, I pray and I hope that this horror of the Russian war will soon end terrorist groups "LPR / DPR" will collapse and in Ukraine, there will be peace.

You need to LIVE! There are many children in Ukraine and you must tell them the whole truth, everything that you have experienced. Write books, autobiographies, draw, create art, and bring good and beauty to the world. You have experienced a lot, but did not break! Do not let the enemy celebrate with the number of suicides, crimes and envy.



God gave you life not to be cut off by yourself. From birth to death, we can leave a trace with God`s power.

Ukraine has the right to defend itself, like any other country. You are defending your Motherland - Ukraine, its territorial integrity and sovereignty. True, international law and world support are yours! So do not let the enemy rejoice over your battle losses and the battle with each other. God gave us to be born / live in Ukraine, that`s why we, Ukrainians and friends of Ukraine, will help each other, stand together before the victory!

Never give up!

God loves you! Everything will be arranged and will be adjusted!"


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