“100% of Arabica and 0% of Indifference” is a new project in Ukraine

“100% of Arabica and 0% of Indifference” is a new project in Ukraine
23 Sept, 2019
GCS Projects

During the summer conference of “Help to Survive” program leaders, the participants were presented a tool to support local ministries – good deed coffee “Rocking Horse”. The uniqueness of this project lies in the fact that it creates an opportunity for local social and charitable organizations to have an additional source of finance for their direct activities. Project manager Sergei Marintsev told us more about this.


How did the idea of ​​creating such a product come up?


Speaking at conferences, I often heard the same question: where do social movements get money for their activities? Together with the head of the Global Christian Support ministry Yaroslav Malko, we created a tool that can help them in this.


Our family came from the East of Ukraine. Our communication with Yaroslav began with the fact that my children took part in the “Family to Family” program. Then there were other meetings where we discussed the successful experience of international fundraising. There was an idea to create our product - coffee, which lots of people may like because it will have an affordable price and excellent quality.


There was the first presentation of the Rocking Horse Coffee. How did you prepare to launch the product?



We prepared for 10 months. During this time, we registered the brand, developed a trademark, and ordered packaging. We also found quality coffee, which we like. We had meetings with those who were potentially interested in it. We invested money, energy, and love into this product.


How do you plan to help projects in different cities?


We want to help those ministries who show their active position. We make it possible through the sale of coffee, not only to earn money but also to build long-term relationships with business representatives.


The next step is to open coffee houses. Since our family has been working in the field of catering for many years, we are ready to help our partners open cafes in their cities. In the future, they will be able to get this social business and develop it. It will allow them to receive money for not only living but also to create jobs, earn finances that will go to their local charity projects.


We will fully undertake the development of the concept. We will help in the opening and create subsequent support in the work. After that, our partner will already begin to work as a manager.


If a person proves himself well, shows that he is responsible for discipline and business, he will be able to become its co-owner and will build it further.


Selling coffee is the beginning of our journey because we need to give children in the regions the opportunity to build their own business and serve the people who are close to them. We often hear how important it is to give a person, not just fish, but also a fishing rod. Coffee is an excellent product for maintaining communication, and I believe that together we will make a socially responsible and very useful business.

Whom do you see as your partners?


Not everyone will do business in the Christian community. Everyone should evaluate their strengths and abilities, as well as character traits. This is not an easy way, you need to use force, you need to show your will.



But if a person is confident in himself, we are ready to train. Now we are preparing for the opening of a pilot project of a cafe in Kyiv. On its basis, we will train our potential partners.

Why is it worth joining your project?


There are no boundaries and restrictions. Those people who will be included in this project will be limited only by the framework that they set for themselves. Together with the Rocking Horse Coffee project, a team of like-minded people will be able to change their lives and ministry work in their region. They will become less dependent on the money that someone should give them. After all, each person himself is a generator to change for the better his life and the life of his environment.


Therefore, on each pack we have written: 100% of arabica coffee and 0% of indifference.


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