Sviatogorsk Christian Camp for the children from the frontline zone

Sviatogorsk Christian Camp for the children from the frontline zone
03 Sept, 2019
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The charitable organization Global Christian Support in association with the Canadian Church "Light to the World" held a Christian Kid`s Camp for 100 children aged 11 to 14 years who live in the frontline zone of Donetsk and Lugansk regions.


The Kid`s Camp was held in August 22 to 29 in Sviatogorsk, Donetsk region. 60 percent of the children were non-believers, so they had heard about Jesus Christ in this camp for the first time. In total, the camp had 50 employees who worked completely as volunteers. Our friends from the USA (from the states Colorado and Nebraska) came to help serving the children.

The camp was on the territory of the Christian complex "Sputnik", which belongs to the Baptist Christian mission for more than 20 years. We were able to rent this territory, as well as provide children with meals 5 times a day thanks to donations from brothers and sisters of the “Light of the World” church and other churches and caring people from Canada. These finances also covered the costs of the organization of the program and transfer of children and employees from places of residence to the camp and back.

Social status of 100 children in the camp:

  • 32 children from families who live in difficult material and social conditions;
  • 26 children are status orphans who live in Kramatorsk orphanage or in the families of official guardians;
  • 22 children of widows whose husbands died during hostilities;
  • 20 children are social orphans with living parents ( alco- and drug- addicted parents).

“Be a Winner” was the main topic of the camp. The purpose of it was to teach children the secrets of victorious life with God, as well as to teach them to solve pressing problems using biblical principles. Every day children had Bible lessons on various topics, such as: “Be obedient”, “Be thankful”, “Forgiveness”, “Overcome your sins”, Be saved”, “Be in Church”, and “Tell the others about Christ”.

The program was very rich, intense and varied. Every morning started with a cheerful musical exercises and prayer. During the day children attended 10 different classes (DIY, football, volleyball, table tennis, cooking, vocals, English, guitar, dance and theater club). Every day the children learned one Bible verse by heart and presented it in a creative way. The program also included unique camp games, creative quests, water and sports competitions, intellectual games and psychological trainings. In the evenings, there were Evening Shows with a special program and a spiritual atmosphere. There were children`s worship organized by the camp musical group, as well as fun contests and theatrical day topic performances from children`s groups.

One of the most important days of the camp was the day of repentance. This day, they talked about the price of salvation that Jesus Christ paid for us and children decided to follow God. Every child had the opportunity to take a stone as a symbol of dedication of his life to Jesus and bring it to the cross. As a result, 46 children prayed a prayer of repentance and we believe that their lives will never be the same.


The local churches on the territory of military operations today continue post-camp work with these children and their families, arrange teenage and youth ministries for them.

We are grateful to the brothers and sisters from Canada for finances, prayers, open hearts and a desire to help children affected by the war. May God bless you and reward you for your good deeds!


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