Summer Camp in the Czech Republic for children from the war zone

Summer Camp in the Czech Republic for children from the war zone
28 , 2019
GCS Projects

In August 18 to 26 the “Global Christian Support” organization jointly with the International Evangelical Church "Istochnik" organized a Christian camp in Karlovy Vary (the Czech Republic) for a group of children from the war zone on the East of Ukraine.

Every day was busy with interesting events, children spent every day with benefit and great pleasure! The morning always started with a delicious breakfast and a cheerful active morning exercises, which charged children with positive energy for the whole day.

There were interesting Bible lessons, after which the children shared their impressions and told what they had learned, sang songs that filled them with joy, participated in funny contests, received prizes and sweets.

In the camp, the children had the opportunity to make new friends with Czech children, to spend a lot of time outdoors, to play different games, and of course, to go on several excursions, where they learned about history and saw picturesque views of Karlovy Vary. Also, during the excursions, the children visited the Ostrog Castle, saw all the sights of the spa town of Frantiskovy Lazne, visited the museum and the zoo, tasted delicious Czech ice cream. In the evening they had a delicious barbecue on the river bank in Yenishev.

We would like to express special gratitude to the International Evangelical Church “Istochnik”, the family of the dean of the church, Mikhail Bazayev and Tatyana Bazayeva, for their faithful service to God, for their help in the camp, for their patience, sacrifice and sincere desire to help children affected by the war. May God bless you and your church!


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