Social rehabilitation for the children from the war zone in Slovenia

Social rehabilitation for the children from the war zone in Slovenia
04 , 2019
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Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Slovenia, ITF Enhancing Human Security in association with Global Christian Support charitable organization held a Kid`s Camp for 64 children who suffered as a result of hostilities on the East of Ukraine. Children were mainly from low-income families, among them also were status orphans and widow`s children. The Kid`s Camp was held in August 12 to 24 on the territory of Debeli Rtic, the countrysanitized_by_modx& #39s best recreational complex located in Ankaran on the Adriatic Sea.

The program was very rich, intense and varied. Every morning started with a cheerful musical exercises, that set the rhythm for the whole day. During the day, children spent a lot of time at the sea and in the swimming pool, playing various games on the water, and had special swimming classes organized for the smallest children, where a professional trainer taught them to swim. Slovenians also organized kayaking and children were excited about that.

After breakfast the children attended specially organized psychotherapy classes, where professional therapists and Hara, dog therapist, worked with them. They helped children to relax, deal with stress, taught to trust each other and work in a team.

Every day children visited the circus classes, where they learned various circus tricks: juggling, balancing, walking on a rope, performing tricks and rotating plates. After the classes the whole camp went to football, volleyball and basketball games, and children from Ukraine won the tournaments.

In the evening, there was a special program, song and dance competitions, where the Ukrainian children also became the winners, an evening dedicated to Crazy Style Show, where the children put on the craziest outfits and performed in fashion shows, and many songs and dances at the end of the day.


The children had many ​​positive emotions in the camp, breathed fresh air and took sunbaths.

With all our hearts we want to thank the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Slovenia, Mr. Urban Spital from ITF, the team of the Youth health and Summer resort of Debeli Rtič, personally Veronica Grmek Vilhar, Miha Olovec and the coordinator of the Ukrainian group Polonca Vodopivec.


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