Mission Trip to Moldova

Mission Trip to Moldova
02 , 2019
GCS Projects
02 , 2019
GCS Projects

Global Christian Support sports team from Ukraine in association with the “Light to the World” Church from Bălți, organized a mission trip to the Republic of Moldova.


The missionary team has many years of experience in organizing sports games, youth and prison services, and conducting Christian events.



The main event of the trip was an Evangelistic Football Tournament for the youth. The tournament began with official opening and prayer. The main rewards of the tournament were 5 sets of awards, balls, valuable gifts and the Gospels with testimonies of world famous athletes. There were also a lot of games organized for children, and they had the opportunity to get sweet gifts. More than 100 people were involved in this sports tournament.



The team also held a Youth Bible Meeting in the local church. It was an interesting time when young people could get answers to their questions and play thematic games. Oleg Maiorshyn is a man who has studied the Torah for more than 5 years and knows Bible in the original Greek and Hebrew text, gave comprehensive comments and answers to questions that interested young people. Many of them thanked for the time spent and were pleased with this format of the meeting.




On the last day, the team took part in the general service of the church for Russian-speaking residents of the city of Bălți. They preached and shared testimonies of the glory of God. The missionary team has brothers who were prisoned several times and had been drug-addicted for 14 years, but now, thanks to healing from death, they help other people change their lives and turn to God.




The mission team plans to come to Moldova again and to add to the schedule some visits to corrective colonies and organization of football matches with prisoners.


Because of the high efficiency and fruitfulness of this sports ministry, the team has already started to plan such missionary trips to European and Asian countries.



We express our gratitude to the deacon of the Church “Light to the World” Dmitry Apostol, who worked on organizing events.


Praise God for His guidance and mercy!


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