Ivan Timochenko - Belgian Pastor with Ukrainian Heart

Ivan Timochenko - Belgian Pastor with Ukrainian Heart
23 Apr, 2018
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Recently the mission of Global Christian Support (GCS) hosted guests from Belgium, pastor Ivan Timochenko from the city of Liège together with a team of ministers. They were long-awaited guests. The cooperation of GCS mission with pastor Ivan and their church has been developing for three years.


His heart is especially open for Ukraine, as his own parents were from Dnipropetrovsk region, although he was born in Belgium. Once he received a call from God, he learned the Russian language and now serves people who have emigrated from the "post-Soviet space".

"We call the pastor Ivan "the ambassador of Ukraine in Belgium", he says about himself that "he is called to build bridges", - says Yaroslav Malko, the head of GCS. Their church regularly collects and transfers various humanitarian aid for Ukraine. Thanks to this, volunteers can help widows whose husbands died in the ATO zone, low-income and large families, children who lost their parents ...

Pastor Ivan together with Irina Babak and Anastasia Tonchak, the organizers of the project "Family to Family" also visited Slavyansk, Maryinka and Kramatorsk, where they saw the essence of what was happening. They met with children who in their early years learned what explosions were, that you can spend the winter in a cold apartment without gas, and some of them even lost their loved ones ...

Many children are in need of spiritual and psychological help, in rehabilitation after the war. For the nearest Christmas, the children will go to the camp "Family to Family" in Belgium. The next visit of the Belgians is expected in autumn, it should be a team of youth ministers who will come along with talented musicians, sportsmen and a program for Ukrainian youth.


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