The Czech Republic Camp for children from the war zone

The Czech Republic Camp for children from the war zone
13 May, 2019
GCS Projects

From May 3 to 5, in Karlovy Vary, a conference of the Global Christian Support (GCS) ministry team was held, dedicated to the fifth anniversary of the mission. The event was attended by representatives from 8 countries: the Czech Republic, Ukraine, Belgium, Finland, Kyrgyzstan, Israel, Moldova and the United States.

 “I am delighted with the conference, because this is a great time to get to know each member of the team and gain inspiration. We work in different cities and countries, but we are doing one thing - serving God and people”, said conference participant, designer and rewriter at, Alina Olshevskaya.

The leaders of the projects “Family to Family”, “Help to Survive”, “Lighthouse”, “International Chaplainn Camps”, “Faith by Hearing”, Good Deed Technology and “Chaplain Patrol” spoke about the results of the work done. Also all international partners of the mission said the speech.

“We feel it is our moral duty to help the Ukrainians, because in Finland, during the Second World War, thousands of soldiers from Ukraine died. God gives us the opportunity to organize rest camps for children from the war zone, we believe that such a format of our support will continue to be possible,” said Timo Suutari, pastor and mission partner from Finland.

Over the past five years, with the participation of the Global Christian Support mission, more than a dozen different programs and projects have been implemented. Only due to the program "Family to Family", more than 1,600 children underwent social rehabilitation in the countries of Europe and the USA. For 2018, the social assistance project “Help to Survive,” began its work in 6 new areas. Now in the project 40 representatives in 12 regions of Ukraine. The website GCSHELP.ORG, has become a calling card of the mission, thousands of people visit this Internet resource every day, leaving their needs, suggestions and testimonies.

“When I joined the project 4 years ago “Help to Survive” everything that we and Yaroslav Malko planned was even difficult to explain to someone. We set such big goals that it was hard to believe. Four years have passed, and we have achieved these goals. I am very pleased that I see how God blesses not only my personal ministry, but also all the work of the GSC programs” said Fyodor Gerasimov, the head of the project “Help to Survive”.


“In the GSC, I constantly see new horizons and perspectives. This is a ministry that helps people and fulfills God`s will on this earth” said the coordinator of the project “International Chaplains Camps”, senior chaplain Pavel Tsarevsky.

For two years, about a hundred military chaplains and senior officers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, participated in the program of exchange of experience among American colleagues. The model of NATO chaplaincy was taken as a basis in the Ukrainian army. Also now, the North American experience of police chaplaincy is being actively embodied on the basis of the administration of the Donetsk Region Patrol Police.


At the conference, it was noted that over the 5 years of operation, thousands of InTouch mp3 messengers with the Gospel, were transferred to special categories of people who needed them. They are elderly, they are military and policemen, these are people who are in hospitals and in places of imprisonment. About 10,000 people.

“Thanks to each team member, all those who were from the very beginning and those who joined afterwards, God gave us the opportunity to embody the programs that influenced the lives of thousands of people. But each time, summing up the results, we are clearly aware that there is still a lot of things ahead that it is important to have time to accomplish. I believe that our work is Godsanitized_by_modx& #39s will, and we are only His hands on this earth” said Yaroslav Malko, head of the mission of Global Christian Support.

At the end, a wish was expressed to make such conferences annual. After all, there is nothing more valuable than communication and time spent together.


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