Diary of the children from the war zone stay in Norway

Diary of the children from the war zone stay in Norway
15 , 2019
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More than 1,300 children from the ATO zone have already undergone social rehabilitation in different countries as part of the “Family to Family” program. 10 days the group from the war zone rested in the children`s camp in Norway. Irina Babak, who accompanied the children in the camp, tells us about events.


The first day. Road


The road to the camp in Norway was very interesting and informative. My children and I had an excursion in the Polish port town of Swinouistse, walked along the embankment and spent the sunset on the ferry on the way to Sweden) The camp begins!


The second day. Games and training


The subject of today is obedience. We talked with the guys how important it is to be obedient to God and parents. The second day in the camp was very intense and fun.

We played different games, sang, participated in contests and visited five different circles in which children learned to bake pancakes, to draw amazing pictures, to make cards, to paint t-shirts and to take pictures professionally.


The children also visited a dance class, which is held for them by a professional choreographer with a big kind heart. In the evening, a festival of nationalities was held, in which all groups represented different countries.

The third day. Talent show


The main topic of the third day - learn to forgive. On the example of the life of Joseph, we learned another secret of a victorious life - the ability to forgive and forget offenses.


The third day was very intense. The children played team games, visited five different circles, participated in the dance program and taught Norwegian with our friends from Norway.

In the evening, a talent show was held in the camp, where all the children had the opportunity to present their talents and receive an American prize)


There were a lot of talents in our camp and it is very great!



The fourth day. Meet the Norwegians


The topic of the fourth day - be grateful. Using the example of Job’s life, the children learned to always rejoice and be grateful to God in all circumstances.

Today, our children were invited to visit the Norwegian school, where we were received by the Norwegian children and the school staff. We had a tour inside the school, it was very interesting and informative. Norwegian schools and education systems are very different from ours. We met and became friends with the Norwegian guys, they are very hospitable.


We played various games with them, held a friendly Ukraine-Norway football match, practiced English with them and became very friendly! Now we have a lot of Norwegian friends!

Upon returning to the camp, we conducted a dance class and prepared thanks for the Norwegian team, which so cordially welcomes us and serves us wholeheartedly!



The fifth day. Adventures


This day began with an unforgettable trip to the extreme adventure park. The children had the opportunity to visit the rodeo, ride the bull, jump on sticky slides and ride on the bungee. It was very fun and interesting!


After the park, we stopped at a large shoe store, where for all our children, our Norwegian friends bought branded shoes! The joy and emotions of our children knew no bounds!

In the evening, in the form of an interactive talk show, we discussed the issues of mutual relations between boys and girls. It was very informative and interesting!



 The sixth day. The decision to live with God


The theme of the day is the price of our salvation. During the day, we talked about Jesus Christ`s life and what He did so that we could live forever.

That day was very warm and sunny. The whole day, the guys played, visited different circles, swam in the sea and talked with our Norwegian friends.


We also had a special and very soulful evening. Many of the children decided to live with God and devote their lives to Him.


The seventh day. Service


The theme of the day is the value of the church.

In the morning, the guys and I visited the Norwegian church "Philadelphia" in Westby. This is an amazing church with wonderful people who have done a lot for this camp. The guys took part in the ministry, met new friends and learned how important it is to go to church.


After service, we “grilled” traditional Norwegian sausages and ate sweets.


Upon arrival at the camp, the guys played games to create a team preparing a theatrical production.


The eighth-day Amusement park.


The day began with a trip to Norway`s largest amusement park. Children had the opportunity to ride different swings, get an unforgettable experience and have fun!


In the evening, we talked about how to be brave and not be shy about telling other people about God. Also, all the guys received gifts from America from our friends,  Sergey and Lyudmila Dzik!

The eighth day of the camp was intense, emotional and saturated with positive incredible emotions!


 The ninth day. Bikers


The topic of the day is to remain faithful to God in all circumstances. The ninth day was very intense and interesting. We all played in the all-camp game in the forest, practiced in circles, sang and had fun.

After lunch, friends from Oslo came to visit us and fulfilled the dream of many children - to ride a steep red mustang!!! Thank you very much, Alina and Øystein Hasnes, for your friendship and open kind hearts to the children who suffered from the war!


Also, real bikers on steep bikes came to our camp and rolled all the children. It was incredible and unforgettable! Emotions overwhelmed us! We were happy to see our children smile and rejoice with all their hearts! Thank you very much for your time and this gift for Ukrainian children!


The tenth day. Parting


The last day in the camp was very emotional and intense! This day in the camp was declared the day of friendship! We talked with the boys about true friendship and that Jesus became our best friend!


During the day, the children bathed, played, talked, prepared a concert, received gifts and said goodbye to new friends.


In the evening we had a farewell concert with the guys, there were a lot of tears and hugs! We will never forget this camp! Thanks to God and our Norwegian friends for the best camp for the children from the war zone from the East of Ukraine.


Be blessed!



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