Christmas for the children from the war zone. Day 6: Mariupol

Christmas for the children from the war zone. Day 6: Mariupol
28 Jan, 2020
GCS Projects
28 Jan, 2020
GCS Projects

The last city where the Global Christian Support team held a Christmas tour was Mariupol, where they organized holiday for 120 children and families of the Donetsk patrol police department .



Police officers met the volunteers and made a sightseeing tour for them, showing the main places of interest and places where active military operations took place in Mariupol. Our team also visited the police museum. There is a stand dedicated to the work of chaplains in Mariupol patrol police. Then, together with the police, the GCS volunteers were invited to local television studio, where they had the opportunity to talk about the purpose of our Christmas tour and the true meaning of Christmas for the residents of the city.



In the evening, our team held a celebration for the children of the patrol police employees. There was a friendly atmosphere on the concert. Children and their families were very happy and were grateful for the organization of such an event and good gifts.



After the concert, the team visited patrol police department of the Donetsk region, met the head of the department, and personally heard the history about Donetsk region police development and the importance of the chaplain work in their difficult service.



Our group also received an invitation to the awards ceremony for the special unit of the patrol police, TOR (Tactical and Operational Response). They were awarded with the “Hammer of TOR”.



It was an unforgettable and special trip not only for the children we served, but also for our team. It was a big evangelistic celebration of the birthday of our Lord!

Jesus was born to this world to bring people love, hope and save them from sins! We are grateful to God that we were able to bring a piece of Christmas and share the good news with many families who live in the war zone for today.

We express our great thanks to all our friends, partners and donors for their support, finances and prayers!

Together we can do more!


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