Christmas for the children from the war zone. Day 3

Christmas for the children from the war zone. Day 3
22 Jan, 2020
GCS Projects
22 Jan, 2020
GCS Projects

The third day of the Christmas tour for the children took place in two towns of the Luhansk region: Kononovka and Stanitsa Luhanska.


Kononovka is a small village in Luhansk region. Our volunteers told us that there live a lot of children and no one has ever organized Christmas celebration for them. There are almost no roads in this area, because they were destroyed during the war. This is the main reason why even the humanitarian aid can not be fully delivered to the people from that region. That is why we decided to visit this place.


Christmas celebration was held in the gym of a local school. Children from three nearest villages attend this school every day, because this is the only school in the whole district. The headmaster is very open-hearted person and was very glad that we have organized such a wonderful event for the children. Almost the entire teaching staff was at the celebration, so not only children and their parents, but also teachers of the local school had an opportunity to hear the good news and to learn about the true meaning of Christmas.



About 80 children with their families were invited to the celebration. Children wanted to see this Christmas holiday so much, that some of them went around 11 km from their homes to the school where the celebration took place, by foot, despite it was very cold and there were no roads at all. The children were very active and open for communication, although they have never seen such events.  Our team was very happy to visit children in that place, because they need such events more than anyone else.


After the concert in Kononovka, the volunteers left for Stanitsa Luhanska. Now it is the last Ukrainian place on the demarcation line. The roads were destroyed so much, that the group was afraid to be late for the event.


Stanitsa Luhanska is located closely to the borderline with Luhansk People Republic (LPR), that is why the city is in very difficult social and economic situation. The streets look grey, and people, who live there, look unfortunate and very frightened. There are a lot of military people and vehicles in the city even now. Children gathered in the hall of the Culture House, that was under heavy shelling for several times during the war. Since the building is under reconstruction for now, the hall was the only possible place for the celebration.


There were around 85 children with their parents at the Christmas celebration. From the very beginning children were very uptight, they were afraid of being active and participating in competitions. Our team was shocked by the reaction of some children to the Christmas lights, that were hang in the room. The children were surprised: “It shines so beautifully! It is bright, but it is not a shell”. The reason of such reaction is that children are used to see only bright shells light. Later children became more cheerful, began to smile and sing songs with the actors during the celebration. There were also representatives of the local church, who invited everyone to attend the church. They also invited children to attend children service. We also noticed how much the children enjoyed the gifts we brought with us. For many of them, it was the only joy for the last 6 years of the war.

After the celebration, the team went to Kurakhovo city.

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