Christmas for children from the war zone. Day 1. Kramatorsk

Christmas for children from the war zone. Day 1. Kramatorsk
20 Jan, 2020
GCS Projects
20 Jan, 2020
GCS Projects

Charitable organization Global Christian Support has been delivering Christmas gifts to children from the war zone in eastern Ukraine already for three years. This year, the GCS team decided to come to children not only with gifts, but also to make a special Christmas program for them. They had an opportunity to communicate with children and their parents, to pray together for them and for peace in Ukraine. GCS team has made a really cheerful and charming holiday for families who couldn’t celebrate Christmas and have been living in terrible conditions for several years because of the war in their cities and villages.


Рождество для детей из зоны боевых действий.  День 1. Краматорск


Volunteers from different cities of Ukraine (Slaviansk, Kramatorsk, Kyiv, Smela and Donetsk) joined Global Christian Support team to help in organizing this Christmas celebration. The day before the Christmas tour get started, the whole team arrived to Kramatorsk (Donetsk region) to form and pack gifts for children, and then to send them to the cities where Christmas events will take place. The team also prepared the decorations for the Christmas play, including the cradle for Jesus. 



The first Christmas celebration for children was held in the city of Kramatorsk on the basis of the “Good News” church. 60 children with parents from non-christian families were invited to this event. There were orphans, children with disabilities, children of widows, children from large families as well as from dysfunctional families.




The celebration began with Christmas carols helping to create a special mood, the actors held cheerful competitions for the children and their parents. The organizers also made a performance about the birth of Jesus and prayed with everyone for the children and peace in Ukraine.





Every child received a gift. Thanks to friends and sponsors, all the gifts came out very tasty, high-quality and useful. These were not only tasty candies and sweets, but also warm clothes: gloves and a hat, a toy, puzzles and etc. All the gifts were made according to the age and gender of the child.




Children and their parents were excited about the wonderful atmosphere of Christmas holiday, they were happily making photos with the minion animator, who invited them to the Sunday school of the local church. Some parents talked with the team, they told about themselves and their difficult lives, asked to pray for them and their families. Our team was glad to see the smiling faces of the children and the joy of their parents, who were able to have such a good time with them and learn the real meaning of Christmas.

We believe that the story of the birth of Jesus can bring hope, peace and prosperity to these families!


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