Christian Kid❜s Camp “Be a winner!”

Christian Kid❜s Camp “Be a winner!”
30 , 2019
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The charitable organization Global Christian Support in association with the church “Vozrozhdenie” in Lubny organized Christian Kid`s Camp for 49 children aged 11 to 15 years. The children in the camp were social and status orphans or were from low-income families. The Kid`s Camp was held on 2-9 August in the village Gorodishche, Chernukhi district, Poltava region.

“Be a Winner” was the main topic of the camp. The purpose of it was to teach children the secrets of victorious life with God, as well as to teach them to solve pressing problems using biblical principles. Every day children had Bible lessons on various topics, such as: “Be obedient”, “Be thankful”, “Forgiveness”, “Overcome your sins”, Be saved”, “Be in Church”, and “Tell the others about Christ”.

The program was very rich, intense and varied. Every morning started with a cheerful musical exercises and prayer. During the day children attended 6 different classes (handicraft, football, volleyball, table tennis, cooking and French). Every day there were funny camp games that helped children make friends and develop the skills of teamwork. In addition, the organizers of the camp made many quests, trainings and sport competitions between groups. Every day each group made a video and prepared a performance on the day topic.

At the end of the camp, the organizers chose the friendliest group, the prize for this group was the Laser Pong game. All other groups also got prizes in various categories.

One of the most important days of the camp was the day of repentance. This day, children talked about the price of salvation that Jesus Christ paid for us and some of them decided to follow God. As a result, 28 children prayed a prayer of repentance and we believe that their lives will never be the same.

Many children said it was the best camp in their life and they will never forget it.


Today local churches continue post-camp work with these children and their families, they organize teenage and youth services for them.

We want to thank our friends from Norway, Belgium and Finland with all our hearts, for their financial and prayer support. May God bless you and reward you one hundred times.


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