Children’s evangelistic football tournament «Sport kids»

Children’s evangelistic football tournament «Sport kids»
24 , 2021
GCS Projects
24 , 2021
GCS Projects

The Global Christian Support team was definitely not bored this weekend!  With the help of the "Grace" church in Cherkassy, ​​the "Sport kids" club and secondary school 19, our team was able to organize a football tournament.





It was a time, where each child had the opportunity to try how it felt to be part of a team, how to achieve a goal together, or, on the contrary, skillfully react to defeat.  Not every day, there is a chance to win a real cup by joint efforts.


The weather was perfect and about 200 people gathered to test their strength, agility, athleticism and ambition.  The main prize, as we have already said, is a real cup with gold leaf and a soccer ball.






Such an event in Cherkassy attracted a lot of attention from both children and adults, which means that our team had the opportunity to tell a large number of people about Jesus Christ and two eternal lives!


Thanks to everyone who prayed and supported our team.  We continue to look for opportunities to be the light of this world!

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