Camp In Norway For Children From Ukraine

Camp In Norway For Children From Ukraine
06 Jul, 2018
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25 children from the war zone were able to rest and recover in the rest camp in Norway. The guys spent ten unforgettable days playing, traveling, communicating with each other and God. Together with the children the international coordinator of the program "Family to family" Irina Babak went to the camp.

- Irina, how were you met in Norway?

- After our long but interesting trip from the ferry and through Sweden to Norway, we arrived at the long-awaited camp! We were met by a wonderful team of Norwegian friends who were eagerly awaiting the arrival of children. After meeting with Norwegian friends, a hearty dinner and dessert, we went on a small excursion through the camp territory and to the sea. Beautiful nature, clean air, warm sea and a wonderful friendly atmosphere - it is called happiness.

- How did the days in the camp pass?

- Every day was very full and exciting. Children learned to overcome obstacles and be winners. Every day children attended fascinating classes on the Christian topics "The Bible - the instruction for a successful life" and others. Many children for the first time saw the sea, with great joy swam in it. Regularly, children could attend various cooking  master classes, coloring T-shirts, making postcards and even drawing on stones. Together with Norwegian friends we had a friendly football match.

- What else impressed you in the camp?

- One day our whole team together with the children went to one of the biggest amusement parks! Children had the opportunity to ride on all slides, swings, water and air attractions. It was unforgettable, fun and very interesting! All the guys said that they saw such rides only on TV and did not even dream to go sometime on them.


A group of young people from the Norwegian church accompanied by their pastor also visited us. We sang together, played, listened to God`s Word and had a lot of fun!

Children had the opportunity to go on an excursion to the capital of Norway - Oslo! We visited the royal park, watched the solemn change of the guard of the royal army, visited the museum of the history of skiing in Norway and climbed to the highest point of Oslo and the ski jump. Well, our trip ended with dinner at McDonald`s. What can be better and tastier? This tour will forever remain a bright ray in the memory of children.


Each child took many gifts with them, Norwegian friends gave the children a lot of new clothes and shoes for the school.

The guys were very impressed by the camp, full of bright life. Of course, the camp has become a very vivid memory for children who hear the sounds of bursting shells daily in the zone of military conflict. Thanks to our friends who are not indifferent to children, they helped to make this fairy-tail a reality.


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