A conference for children‵s camps ministers was held in Kiev

A conference for children‵s camps ministers was held in Kiev
20 , 2019
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The main feature of the GCS Kids camp conference, which was held on May 9-10, 2019 in Philadelphia church in Kiev, was its multiplicity.

The organizers managed to unite both beginning ministers and the masters of children`s Christian camps, which provided a valuable opportunity for the exchange of experience. Another important fact is that the conference was completely free for participants.

All speakers (10 people from different cities of Ukraine, and one, Alex Krupin, from Toronto, Canada), came to Kiev with their own money as volunteers. Their desire to serve their own experience and knowledge created a special conference atmosphere.

As the coordinator of the international program “Family to Family”, Irina Babak, said, this is the first international camp conference of Christian Christian Support. 77 people were able to take part there (there were much more applications, but the budget allowed just such a number). Last year, the organization held a similar Ukrainian conference, in which 45 people participated.

“The main idea is to unite ministers of different churches and denominations who want to be inspired, to get new knowledge, just to cheer up,” explains Irina. - We want to scale and popularize the idea of ​​children`s Christian camps in order to strengthen this ministry. After all, it gives fruit. Personally, once I repented in a children`s Christian camp and I am very grateful to God for this. ”

It included several topics: “Tasks and duties of the camp director”, “Laws of teamwork”, “Working with mentors”, “Creating a team of sport instructors”, “Methods of creating camp programs” and many, many others.

Speakers and participants share their impressions of the GCS Kids Camp conference 2019.

Alexander Krupin, pastor of the church, director of the camp “Path”, Toronto (Canada):

- At this conference, I had several sections: we talked about advertising the camp, that the Gospel should always remain the center (everything else - the program, games, etc. should be built around). I am very grateful to God for the opportunity to meet various people who are eager to pass the Gospel at the base of the camps, and also learned from them.


After all, camp is just a good platform for evangelism. And here it’s important not so much what you convey, but who you are. It is necessary to have a dedication to God, sincere faith: when it is, everything else will be arranged, and if it is not, then neither program, nor super advertising will help you achieve the goal. That is why it is so important for the servants of the Christian camps to keep their hearts clean, in their dedication to the Lord, to have a close relationship with Him.

Slava Yaroshevich, Director at BeBright Camp, Lutsk:

- I taught three seminars: “Camp as a platform for the transfer of values,” Team building, and “Training as one of the forms of Bible study.” We talked about the need to set goals (spiritual, moral, creative, physical, aesthetic, patriotic, civil) and consider ways to achieve them. If you think out in advance, then at the end of the camp it will be easy to evaluate your work. She also shared practical tools on how to conduct trainings with mentors and other camp staff. Among the participants of the conference I saw people at different stages of the camp service: there were some who are called “dinosaurs of the camps”, they could be safely put to teach, and there were newcomers.

Roman Basansky, deacon of the church in Verkhovtsevo, Dnepropetrovsk region:

- Before the start of the war in 2014, I spent four years engaged in children`s ministry, including camps. When he became a military chaplain, there was no time for that. Now I want to renew the forgotten skills. The conference for me is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the emotional atmosphere, to enrich yourself with experience. Yes, and my wife and sister are encouraged to do that, they continue to engage in a children`s camp in our church. I do this because I understand how important child ministry is.


Valery Ryadov, the minister of the church of Alexandria, Kirovograd region:

“I work at the Pearl Orphanage.” I came to the conference to gain new experience. We run camps for orphans and children from ordinary families who also need to talk about God. Already I made some conclusions, I saw my mistakes. For example, usually we took to the camp team everyone who wanted to serve, not paying much attention to their spiritual condition, therefore there was no desired fruit. In the center was music, games, something else, but they did not put the most important thing - Jesus Christ. We, of course, talked about God, but it shifted as if into the background. The main conclusion is that it’s necessary to take truly religious people to serve with the children and keep this line from the beginning of the camp to the end.

Lesia Goncharova, director and camp coordinator of the Philadelphia church, Kiev:

- On the first day I was especially interested in the topic of training methods, on the second day I really liked the section on how to build programs. There were many things that I have already knew, but it was just that they became firmly established, and some were new to me. For example, I understood how to change direction, to make the camp better, how to influence teens, where to get ideas from. Now I am ready to sit down and create something new!

The atmosphere of the event itself fully corresponded to the name of the conference: it was funny, interesting and sometimes noisy.

Between the blocks of lectures and master classes, and after the coffee breaks, there were musical pauses and songs of glorification. At the end of the conference, all participants received certificates on the conference course and a small gift from the organizers.

In general, those who wished to attend this conference were much more than the organizers were able to host for two days the event. Therefore, we expect from Global Christian Support, after some time, more such conferences, but on a larger scale.


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