Сhildren from ATO territory did not believe that it could take place…

Сhildren from ATO territory did not believe that it could take place…
19 Jun, 2017
Family values

Their summer began in Germany. Nine children from ATO territory went to Germany for 21 days from terrible realities into the world of joy and happiness. Families from Bremen and Nienburg cities accepted the children. Small participants from 8 till 12 years old are exited of the travel.

Sophia lives in Kramatorsk. When the war began her family with six children could not leave the town, there was nowhere to go. Most of all, the girl was surprised by the pool with the slides. She liked went shopping. “We bought yogurts, ice-cream, meat…” tell us Sophia. Her family cannot afford such things.

Lubomir is also from the large family. His brother is serving in ATO. His mother educates children along. During a trip he rode on catamarans, visited an amazing city of trampolines, there were a lot of them. He studied in private German school for three weeks.

He says that it was easy to study there. “I liked to be in school, I liked children, we quickly became friends. It was easy to do tasks because we did it in Ukraine,” says the boy with a smile. During trip children, attended local churches where they sang Ukrainian songs in vyshyvankas and told the verses.

They participated in a monthly fair in the main square of Nienburg, performed songs in their native language. "The locals were delighted!" - says the accompanying group in Germany Vitaly Zakharchenko, "On the trip, some first learned to ride a bicycle. We visited a football match. We went to the Aquapark and amusement park. They really liked it. It was so much more in contrast to what they see at home, that at first they just did not believe that it happens."

The purpose of the program "From Family to Family" is to help children who suffered as a result of military actions in the East of Ukraine. Today, thanks to its work, about a thousand children have undergone social rehabilitation.

Olga Matskanitch

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