Urgent request for prayer for the churches in India - outright lie

Urgent request for prayer for the churches in India - outright lie
23 , 2017

A new wave of messages about churches and missionaries in India, which they want to destroy, again flooded the Internet community. The text, which evokes sympathy among Christians, has already become viral and attracted public attention.


Please, pray! - Urgent request for prayer. Pray for the Church in India. 20 churches burned down last night. And today, they want to destroy, more than 200 churches in the province of Olisabang. They want to kill 200 missionaries within the next 24 hours, " the message reads.

The essence of the letter does not stand even an elementary test. For example, in India there are no provinces, which are mentioned in the text. Moreover, no one there has ever heard of such a settlement as Olisabang. It is interesting that in the English version of the letter the author quotes Nils Siqueira, the National Director for Missions, in the Russian version, more familiar to us, Joyce Mayer.


The message has been distributed on the network since 2010. His falsity was confirmed by a representative of the churches in India.


"If this were so, I would be one of the first to receive such information thanks to our extensive network of pastors and church workers located in much of the country. I am convinced that this message is a deliberate, planned attempt by Hindu extremists to damage good relations between Buddhists and Christians. It is deliberately sent to create hostility between these two groups, "wrote the Rev. Samuel Stevens of the League of the Gospel of India (IGL).

There is a piece of truth in this message. The churches in India are oppressed indeed. Similar to the described attacks on Christians were in India, but they were committed by Hindu extremists in 2008, in the Indian state of Orissa. Many Christian families in this area were forced to abandon their faith in exchange for their safety. The churches and houses were burnt, and at least thirty Christians were killed.

The problem of oppression exists even now, over the past year, India has risen from the 31st to the 15th place in the list of persecuting countries. Therefore, Christians of this country should pray, but still based on truthful information!


Olga Matskanich

Press Centre Of Global Christian Support

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