Archaeologists have found a section of the Jerusalem wall during the First Temple

Archaeologists have found a section of the Jerusalem wall during the First Temple
23 , 2021
23 , 2021

Israeli archaeologists have discovered a "lost" section of the walls of Jerusalem, built during the time of the First Temple.


"Archaeological excavations carried out by the Israel Antiquities Authority in the City of David National Park have uncovered a fragment of the city wall, built during the First Temple and the Kingdom of Judah to protect Jerusalem from the east," the report said.



As noted by the press service, this find makes it possible to more clearly determine the topography of the fortifications of ancient Jerusalem before its destruction by the Babylonians.






The discovered site connects two other fragments that were previously found on the eastern slope.  For many years, it was believed that, despite the impressive nature of the ruins, these were stone structures and not city walls, but the discovery of a new fragment associated with previous finds "closes the discussion, confirming that we are really talking about the eastern wall of ancient Jerusalem."  writes the press service.



The find became known shortly before 9 Av - a mourning day for the Jews, when the First and Second Jerusalem Temples were destroyed.  On this day, it is customary to keep a strict fast without food or water.



The first temple in Jerusalem for several hundred years was the main cult and legislative place of ancient Judea.  It was destroyed in the 6th century BC by Babylon.

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