Seoul Megachurch Praise Family Easter Family Contest Share Healings

Seoul Megachurch Praise Family Easter Family Contest Share Healings
17 Jun, 2021
Church and society
17 Jun, 2021
Church and society

On April 4, the families who participated in the “Easter Family Praise Contest” experienced the power of God and they are full of testimonies.
We hear three families’ stories that they cannot but praise the love of the Lord.


My family accidentally came to hear Dr. Jaerock Lee’s sermon through YouTube, and came to join Manmin Central Church. At the Lunar New Year meeting in 2018, my mother shook hands with Dr. Lee and then, she got healed of ovarian cancer.
However, my faith was lukewarm that I was just a church-goer. One day in 2020, my left eardrum burst. I didn’t hear anything at first. I immediately received the Senior Pastor’s recorded prayer for the sick by phone. The next day, I went to the hospital, and the doctor said that the eardrum was damaged by more than two-thirds. I was told that I might have to receive surgery after watching it for some time.





I eagerly looked back upon me and prayed with the desire to receive healing from Father God. As a result, the eardrum was regenerated by itself in 3 weeks and became completely normal.
As a result of this, my faith changed, and I offered praise with gratefulness for the Father’s love leading me to the way of blessing. I’m also very happy that my family received the popularity prize.


My eldest son Wonbin(Age 21) was diagnosed with leukemia when he was 4 years old. He is very precious to me and my husband because we had him many years after getting married. I was very shocked by the fact that such a son had leukemia.
In 2004, the Senior Pastor Dr. Jaerock Lee came to Gwangju for the One-day Revival Meeting. I said to him about his and received his prayer, and surprisingly, my son’s leukemia was completely healed.




Wonbin grew up healthy and became a college student. He’s doing his best for his church duty by serving in the church broadcasting room. After experiencing God’s power, my family who only attended Sunday morning service came to attend the evening service too. My family came to serve for the church with faith.
Participating in this praise contest, we had more time to chat with one another than before, and we are blessed to become more one in harmony.


When I was living in a neighboring country, I had applied for a satellite dish for Korean Christian broadcasts. At that time, the GCN antenna was installed by the company’s mistake, and naturally, I was able to listen to Dr. Jaerock Lee’s sermons. Having received so much grace, I came to Korea to attend Manmin Central Church.


At that time, I was suffering from a high liver level due to alcohol and cigarettes, so I was suffering from a pain like piercing my whole body, and my side hurt so much that I couldn’t even touch it. Also, I couldn’t eat spicy foods like kimchi at all because of a severe stomach ulcer. Since I had to watch my diet very carefully, I became thin and it was difficult to live. My wife also had a weak stomach, liver, and heart, so she had to take medicine.


However, after two months of joining Manmin Church, my wife and I were healed of all diseases, and in 2020, my daughter was also healed of numbness in hands and feet and cold limbs. I participated in the praise contest because I was grateful for God’s grace, but I was so thankful that I even won the gold prize.


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