International Missionary Conference #NaCl 2019

International Missionary Conference #NaCl 2019
21 Nov, 2019
Church and society
21 Nov, 2019
Church and society

The first International Missionary Conference #NaCl was held in Alicante, Spain in 8-9 November 2019. Missionaries from the UK, Sweden, Spain, Ukraine, Russia, Finland and Latin America attended this conference.



“The concept of ​​the title of the conference originated from the famous message in the Scripture: “You are the salt of the earth” (Matthew 5:13), – said the conference organizer Andrew Filippov. – Why the title is #NaCl? This is the chemical formula of table salt. If you consider a little and learn about the elements` chemical properties, you will definitely get a new revelation about this!”.



People from different countries participated in this conference. The number of delegates was more than 100 people per session. The aim of the conference was to unite people with different cultures and languages, broaden their understanding of the idea of “MISSION” ​​and show that we can do more together as the Body of Christ.



There were three “official” languages on the #NaCl Conference:​ English, Spanish and Russian. Famous speakers Olle Eriksson, L-G Borefelt, Ingemar Lilja and Yaroslav Malko who have many years of experience in missionary service presented various and unique ideas of missionary work.



“The #NaCl Conference is just the beginning! – told Andrew Filippov. - We are planning to create an international connection to unite experienced missionaries and those who are going to become missionaries. We are also planning to open international missionary schools, to participate in inter-church evangelical performances, social projects and, frankly speaking, I do not want to limit God, I am sure that God has something special!”.



“In other words, the idea of ​​MISSION (missionary work) needs to be accessible, understandable and without any stereotypes. It is easy to be #NaCl [salt] [sal] of the earth! You just need to start doing what you can! I want to express my gratitude to the best team in the world and the pastors of the “House” Church, the “Salt” Church, the “C3 España” Church and the “Global Christian Support” mission. It would not be possible without you!” - explained the organizer.


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