Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg hopes churches will one day host virtual reality services on platform

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg hopes churches will one day host virtual reality services on platform
02 Aug, 2021
Church and society
02 Aug, 2021
Church and society

Calling faith communities the “best of Facebook,” the social media giant s Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg said she is looking forward to the day when churches and other religious groups begin hosting services in virtual reality on the platform as many flocked to the service amid the pandemic to stay connected.


Sandberg made her intentions known during a recent virtual faith summit with several religious groups in which she highlighted the critical role Facebook played when communities of faith were unable to gather as a result of the novel coronavirus pandemic.



“As a person of faith myself, I know how important it is for my family to be able to stay connected with our Jewish community remotely. We have been able to celebrate high holy days … from our home thanks to technology,” Sandberg said.



“I sometimes reflect on how much harder the experience for the last year might have been if the pandemic had taken place just a few years earlier because it used to be you needed a TV studio to do what you can now do with your smartphone. Nothing has made me prouder than seeing the role Facebook apps have played in keeping people connected at a time when we all had to be apart,” she added. 


Sandberg explained that well before the pandemic, Facebook began working with faith communities to see how the company could better serve them and those efforts proved fruitful during the pandemic.



“I know that faith organizations and social media are a natural fit because fundamentally, both are about connection. This was true long before the pandemic. Back in 2017, we changed our mission to give people the power to build community around the world closer together. We envisioned a world where our platform could help people build community by connecting with others who shared their interests. And we built a team within Facebook to help us better serve people of faith and houses of worship globally,” she said.


“Four years later, we are gathering on Facebook to again affirming (sic) the value of connecting people to faith, hope, inspiration and love. Facebook can be a place where members of large denominations find common ground or where people from older or smaller religious tradition find each other no matter where they are in the world,” she continued. “Our hope is that one day people will host religious services in virtual reality spaces as well or use augmented reality as an educational tool to teach their children the story of their faith.”



While technology will never be a substitute for joining together in a space of worship, Sandberg believes it will empower them.



“Communities of faith represent the best of Facebook and we hope to keep it that way now and in the future,” she said.


 Originally posted on christianpost.com

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