K-LOVE Listeners Raise More Than $3.5 Million for Hurricane Ida Response

K-LOVE Listeners Raise More Than $3.5 Million for Hurricane Ida Response
09 , 2021
09 , 2021

K-LOVE listeners across the country raised enough money for Convoy of Hope to send the equivalent of more than 400 trucks filled with relief supplies to survivors of Hurricane Ida.


"In their generosity, K-LOVE listeners raised their hands and chose to make a tangible difference in the lives of disaster survivors," said Ethan Forhetz, vice president of public engagement at Convoy of Hope. "K-LOVE put the full force of their network behind Convoy of Hope in order to deploy kindness."



K-LOVE dedicated 20 hours of airtime to promote the campaign, which started during the networksanitized_by_modx& #39s "Make a Difference Monday" feature on August 30 and included invitations on K-LOVE, its website and social media accounts. 



K-LOVEsanitized_by_modx& #39s sister station, Air1, also encouraged listeners to get involved. As a result, more than $3.5 million was raised between the two networks.



"We know that many people are feeling overwhelmed right now," said Bill Reeves, chief executive officer at K-LOVE. "They see the devastation and want to help. We are grateful to Convoy of Hope for the work they are doing and for the opportunity they created for our audiences to take part."



Convoy of Hope deployed multiple trucks to northern Louisiana and pre-positioned relief supplies days ahead of the storm. As soon as Ida passed, the humanitarian relief organization moved into the disaster zone and began assisting survivors. Thousands of families, first in Louisiana and now throughout the Northeast, are receiving meals, water, baby care kits, tarps and other essentials. 



"Our listeners stepped up to the challenge," said David Pierce, chief partnership officer at K-LOVE. "They embraced the opportunity Convoy of Hope provided and we are humbled, excited and amazed at the support that poured in. They far exceeded the goals we set, and we are so grateful."



K-LOVE has partnered with Convoy of Hope for many years, providing help during Hurricane Harvey, Californiasanitized_by_modx& #39s wildfires, Hurricane Florence, the tornadoes in Nashville, and the Haiti earthquake.


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