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Yuliya Dudinova
11 Feb, 2019 09:47

Донецкая область


In need of help from the refugee from the East of Ukraine!

In the fight against the disease - the main thing is to gain time and make the correct diagnosis.   29-year-old Ekaterina Reunova, mother of 2-year-old Stefan, and IDPS from Gorlovka (East of Ukraine) are now hostage to the disease and limitat..

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Yuliya Dudinova
23 Nov, 2018 19:50

Желтые Воды
Днепровская область


The girl needs a hearing aid

Kozub Yulya, 6 years old, got into the patronage family in the city of Zhovti Vody. At the moment the girl is deaf. There is a need for a good hearing aid to help Julia recover, go to a normal school and be realized in society. We thank everyone for ..

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Yuliya Dudinova
11 Apr, 2018 09:03

Днепровская область


Fund for Dima s adoption

Dima is a deaf boy, who is at the point of aging out of Ukrainian orphanage, with no family, home, or plans for the future. Many people prayed for Dima to find hope and a home, and God-sent Rodgers family in Ohio is now adopting him.   Adoptio..

Юлия Дудинова
27 Nov, 2017 06:42

Днепровская область


Pray for Nazar!

Nine years ago, in 2008, in  this family, who lives in Ukraine, oldest son Nazar was diagnosed with progressive muscular dystrophy. This is what Nazar’s mother shared: Now Nazar is 14 years old.  At 5 years he was diagnosed wit..

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Oksana Morgan
26 Apr, 2016 09:02

Киевская область


Miracle for Tima #miracle4tima

Dear friends, We would like to share with you a part of our family life and the story, which happened to our son Timofei. Tima is our greatly desired and long awaited child. At the beginning, doctors didn’t notice anything, but in age 1,5-2 y..

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