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10 Reasons Women Are Lonely

blogАнна Рудницкая

blog09 Mar, 2021 13:31


1. An increasing number of women are unpaid caregivers.     Over 29 million Americans, 75 percent of whom are women, spend a good portion of their time caring for a loved one, friend, or neighbor. Some are caring for aging parents, other..


blogАнна Рудницкая

blog22 Feb, 2021 11:15


Every child sees the world as special. Every event that takes place in his life is of particular importance to him and can change him for the better or vice versa. One of our projects that we are especially proud of, GCSkidscamps are aimed at changin..

A Light In The Darkness


blog15 Jul, 2019 15:36


Against a backdrop of shelling and skirmishes, Ukrainian Christians are risking their lives to distribute supplies and resources, sometimes going directly to the front lines. While many fled as conflict grew, these are some of the faithful who remain..

Relatives found the missing daughter, thanks to the shelter


blog05 Jun, 2019 12:15


This is the case when a person was wanted for two years and her relatives found her thanks to a shelter for homeless people.   Olga Vladimirovna Kovalyshena came to our shelter on November 15, 2017. This girl had a lot to go through. Olga live..

The Word of God removes the darkness

blogYuliya Dudinova

blog15 May, 2019 12:43


Hello everyone, friends. I think that not everyone knows what and how the Service to the Blind helps the blind and visually impaired people. Therefore, I want to briefly introduce you this ministry.   Today I will talk about one of the most im..

A New Religious War

blogYuliya Dudinova

blog03 Apr, 2019 07:40


A new religious war has started in America and WA state, declared by the “Nones.”   The “Nones” (people with No Religious Affiliation), having grown in size and passion the past two decades, and after recently conquerin..

7 historical aspects of Jesus life that are certain

blogYuliya Dudinova

blog02 Apr, 2019 03:51


When I had struggled with my faith, it was not in the area of science. I believed that science and faith can coexist, and I still do. The God who gave the special revelation of the Bible is also the same God who created the heavens and the earth from..

Bucking a common mentality will help your child

blogYuliya Dudinova

blog26 Mar, 2019 14:48


If you want to keep your children happy, make sure they don

Happy birthday to the greatest storytellers of the 20th cent

blogYuliya Dudinova

blog30 Nov, 2018 03:42


Happy birthday to two of the greatest storytellers of the 20th century.   Politics, we like to say, is most often downstream from the rest of culture. I say “most often,” because politics sometimes leads other aspects of culture. B..


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