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Individuals as well as religious, non-governmental, charitable, and for-profit organizations are all eligible and welcomed. Click on “Register” and fill out the proper fields. An asterisk indicates mandatory fields. We recommend syncing your Facebook, VKontakte, and Odnoklassniki accounts in order to increase user’s credibility. If you experience a problem, go to “Contacts” and submit your question, and moderator will guide you step-by-step in the registration…



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fter publishing your ad, you might be asked by other users about the nature and specifics of your post, or just about how to get to know you better. Please check your profile “Message” box regularly for incoming messages. Тo contact a user of your interest, click on “Write” underneath your ad…



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We are concerned about the safety of our users and seek to uphold Christian ethics. You can increase the level of confidence in user’s information if you know the user personally. For instance, a profile with “Reputation 2+” mark means that this user is known to our two other users. By pointing your cursor on “2+”, you can access the information on who exactly know the user and how you all can get in touch. Your friends can help increase your…



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All posts publications are checked by the moderator, translated into a chosen language, and published on a first-in, first-out basis. It may take time. Any posts that are objectionable, improperly categorized, Christianly immoral, conflicting disclosures and sales ads will be removed by the moderator. Please be proactive and inform the website administration about fraudulent users. Their profiles can be deleted and ads blocked upon complaint…



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Subscribe to the updated and relevant information about people and organizations of your interest based on geolocation, categories, and tags. Repost ads on your social network…



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please write a testimony and thank a person who assisted you in meeting your need. Your testimony will encourage others to get…


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Если вы хотите реализовать свои способности вместе с нами :
Создавать видео-ролики, писать статьи, рисовать банеры, переводить тексты, работать с соцсетями.
У вас есть опыт в развитии благотворительных проектов или в сфере социального предпринимательства.
напишите нам об этом!
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