Hello everyone! Need assistance of kind people, benefactors and volunteers to help the child with cerebral palsy. The boy named Yegor Panasyuk is 9 years old. Yegorka is ill from his birth and needs constant rehabilitation, assistance and support from adults. All the 9 years of his life Yegor is always near mother Victoria Panasyuk. Mum and dad have devoted their entire life to the son and they are trying to give Yegor all that is so necessary for future adult life. For this purpose Yegor need to be observed by specialists, he learns to talk, to sit, to stand, to walk. Each season, 4 times a year, the boy have to pass rehabilitation. The rehabilitation takes a lot of efforts and money for the family. Two months later, Yegor will have regular rehabilitation in Lviv (Ukraine) in "Innovo Medical Center". The cost of this chance for Yegor is UAH 20 thousand ($ 800). Friends, letsanitized_by_modx& #39s help Yegor! Let us give him a helping hand to get up from the wheelchair! Let us open our hearts for love and mercy! Such children like Yegor cannot survive without our assistance, our support, our participation in their lives! He needs us, just as we do! If you have a willingness to support the boy, write me a private message! May God bless you!

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